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The following applications are available as a standalone service or as an add-on for other internet based applications for the single user. For corporate solutions contact DataCode at info@datacodeinc.com.

WorldWatch Insight
The WorldWatch Insight workstation application represents the latest in object oriented technology by providing a robust set of features for viewing and manipulating vendor data and news on workstations running Microsoft Windows OS's.
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MarketLink DDE
MarketLink is DataCode's dynamic data exchange, DDE, product that will converse with any DDE compatible application on Microsoft Windows OS's. MarketLink caches defined items and passes updates to these items to the client application. This robust pass-through mechanism allows a DDE compatible application, such as a spreadsheet, to be either client or server. As a server, a DDE compatible spreadsheet may be used to update the Client or other required databases. MarketLink supports all datafeeds available on DataCode's Netfeed Server.
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