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WorldWatch Insight

Level II Viewer DisplayWorldWatch Insight display features:
  • Smart Lists
  • Limit Minders
  • Tickers
  • Charts
  • Display of News Headlines and Stories
  • Smart Displays
  • Custom Page Creation
  • Custom Smart Buttons
  • Support for DDE Links
  • Built in Messaging system
  • Chains
  • Option Display
  • Continuous Contracts

The WorldWatch Insight workstation application represents the latest in object oriented technology by providing a robust set of features for viewing and manipulating vendor data and news on Microsoft Windows based workstations.

As an intelligent application, WorldWatch Insight provides the following with respect to Gateway Server communications:
  • Automatic recovery in the event of communications fault.
  • Automatic, immediate request for log-on to a back up Gateway Server.
  • Appropriate error messaging to user.
  • Server Redundancy to thirty-two defined backup servers.
  • Workstation messaging and alert generation.
  • Capacity

WorldWatch Insight presents the very latest in user interface technology with a full menu and command line interface for their individual preferences.

WorldWatch Insight display capabilities include the following capacities:
  • Unlimited number of windows.
  • 100+ Smart Lists, also used as Limit Minder lists and Tickers.
  • 100+ personal Custom Pages and personal Smart Displays.

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WorldWatch Insight is available as a standalone service or as an add-on for other internet based applications for the single user. For SMB and Enterprise usage contact DataCode at info@datacodeinc.com.
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