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    Custom Integration
    Netfeed Certified
If your company is in the planning or development phase of a market data application, then you need the Netfeed System!!
Join the thousands of users and major corporations worldwide that receive all of their time-critical market data through DataCode's Netfeed System. This corporate development suite of products will easily save your corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars in development and support costs.
Our industry experts can guide your staff through the most critical phases of project development or augment your staff with a team of our professionals to get the most critical, time-consuming programming tasks completed quickly, on-time and in budget.
You will be provided with the following:

  • Corporate Netfeed Server permissioned for 15 users.
  • Complete data feed support for ALL feeds supported by the Netfeed System including Marketfeed, Reuters, Bridge, Telerate, Interdealer feeds, S&P Comstock, DTN, etc.
  • 15 User License of WorldWatch Insight Trader Workstation.
  • 15 User License of MarketLink Excel interface application.
  • Marketfeed Basic Interface Protocol Document
  • Marketfeed News Interface Protocol Document
  • Unique Vendor Code and Process ID for the Marketfeed Network
  • Netfeed Component Library for ALL Visual Basic applications, ASP, Java, C++
  • Netfeed Interface Library runtime DLL for C, C++
  • Optional remote internet or dedicated link to Marketfeed Data.
  • Complete development manuals
  • Coding Examples and Demo Programs
  • Network Monitoring Tool for network debugging
  • Membership into the DataCode Developers Resource Center
  • Email Support for your Protocol questions

For more information on our Corporate Developer Package(s) contact us to discuss your specific needs.

WorldWatch Insight DisplayWorldWatch Insight and the Netfeed System features:

  • support for up to 32 different feeds per Netfeed Server
  • seamless integration of new data sources
  • Unlimited number of users!!
  • Complete and automated redundancy
  • Smart Lists
  • Limit Minders
  • Tickers
  • Charts
  • Display of News Headlines and Stories
  • Smart Displays
  • Custom Page Creation
  • Custom Smart Buttons
  • Support for DDE Links
  • Built in Messaging system
  • Chains
  • Option Display
  • Continuous Contracts
  • NASDAQ Level 2

The Netfeed System, along with the WorldWatch Insight workstation application, represents the latest in technology by providing a robust set of features for retrieving, managing, viewing and manipulating vendor data and news across all platforms.
WorldWatch Insight provides the following with respect to Netfeed Server communications:

  • Automatic recovery in the event of communications fault.
  • Automatic, immediate request for log-on to a back up Netfeed Server.
  • Appropriate error messaging to user.
  • Server Redundancy to thirty-two defined backup servers.
  • Workstation messaging and alert generation.
  • Capacity

Coupled with WorldWatch Insight or your intelligent application, the Netfeed System presents the very latest in interface technology with a full suite of personalized display management tools including, but not limited to:

  • Unlimited number of windows.
  • Unlimited Quote Lists, Limit Minder lists and Tickers.
  • Unlimited personal Custom Pages and personal Displays.
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