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Netfeed Certified Program

The DataCode Netfeed Certified program is designed to improve customers' application experience on the Netfeed System. The Netfeed Server forms the platform for components of the Netfeed System, an integrated server infrastructure software designed to address the customer need for manageability, reliability, and security.

The goal of the DataCode Netfeed Certified program is to provide customers with the best possible application experience on the Netfeed Server. Applications can be a leading cause for system failure, and DataCode works closely with independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure that their applications can meet the highest standards of availability, reliability, security, and supportability.

How Do Certified Applications Improve Customer Experience?
DataCode is committed to providing customers with the best possible application experience through the Netfeed Certified program. This commitment is evident through the new capabilities in the Netfeed Server. DataCode collaborated for over a year with customers, key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and ISVs to determine which improvements to make in the certification program. The result is significant enhancement in identifying and preventing reliability and security problems with applications connecting to the Netfeed Server.

Customers also avoid nonessential system restarts and unplanned downtime with applications certified for use with the Netfeed Server.

How to Qualify for the Netfeed Certified Logo?
To qualify for the Netfeed Certified logo, your application must be tested by DataCode for compliance with logo certification specifications. These specifications provide concise guidelines for application developers to use in optimizing applications that connect to the Netfeed System platform. These certification standards apply to both DataCode and third-party applications.

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