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    Custom Integration
    Netfeed Certified

(NCL) Netfeed Component Libraries

Get your development off to a fast start with this complete suite of development tools and support. This development package offers everything you need to get your applications up and running quickly !!!

The NCL will provide you with the following:
  • Basic Interface Protocol Document
  • News Interface Protocol Document
  • Unique Vendor Code and Process ID for your application(s)
  • Netfeed Component Library for Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, Java, C++
  • Netfeed Interface Library runtime DLL for C, C++
  • Complete data feed support for ALL feeds supported by the Netfeed System including Marketfeed, Reuters, Bridge, Telerate, Interdealer feeds, S&P Comstock, DTN, etc.
  • Complete development manuals
  • Coding Examples and Demo Programs
  • Network Monitoring Tool for network debugging
  • Email/Online Support for your Protocol questions

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