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Founded: 1982

Corporate Profile
You may not know our name, but you have probably benefited by our solutions...

Since 1982, DataCode Incorporated has been a Solutions provider to the financial community. Our primary focus is providing leading edge information system solutions for the management and distribution of time-critical, real-time information.

DataCode has been organized, staffed and focused with the goal of providing our customers with the products, innovations and personalized attention not found in the large companies. This has made DataCode the natural choice for hundreds of customers world-wide determined on utilizing the most robust and professional data integration solution for all of their distribution needs.

The Organization
The DataCode staff consists of hand picked professionals, experienced in the varied and serious issues surrounding the management of time sensitive and mission critical data as well as the leading edge distribution and display technologies available today. A robust development staff experienced in a wide array of programming disciplines and technologies has been assembled in our affiliate company, Netfeed Technologies Corporation. With a wealth of experience in Market Data, Database Technologies, Interactive Voice Recognition, JAVA / Web based applications and LAN / WAN distribution systems, our customers know that the systems they rely on from DataCode will remain leading edge solutions well into the 21st century.

The Solutions
DataCode provides Data Independent Solutions. What this means to our customers is that we provide solutions for their market data requirements by offering them the flexibility to integrate a variety of data including unique or internal sources. This focus and capability sets DataCode apart from all of it's competitors including "data vendor" centric solutions.

Nowhere else will you find an organization as responsive to customers needs as DataCode.

Nowhere else will you find an organization dedicated to addressing the ever-changing development needs of its customers.

Nowhere else will you find a dedicated development staff with experience that crosses as many disciplines, ready to address a customers unique market data distribution platform needs.

Nowhere else will you find a solution such as our Netfeed System that is truly Open, as robust and flexible to a customers specific data distribution needs.

Nowhere else will you find an organization that is completely dedicated to ensuring the success of it's customers as DataCode Incorporated.

We are the Solution for Thousands
In many cases, DataCode is called upon to provide a solution that will address difficult corporate data needs.

In the case of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), DataCode was selected to provide a solution that could integrate and manage Reuters, Telerate, Bridge, Cantor Fitzgerald, Liberty, DTN and two internally generated proprietary CME data sources. All this, while completely managing the access to this sensitive, time critical data to their 1,000+ customers on the floor of two, highly active trading floors within the CME complex. To the users our solution is known as the Merquote Terminal. To the world it is DataCode's Netfeed System.

Thousands of users world-wide trust and depend upon DataCode solutions everyday!!

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